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June 29, 2018

Say Thank You—The Cover Expressions Way

Saying thank you is one of the greatest gifts we can give. To emphasize the importance of gratitude and tangible encouragement, we have created a guide for how you can say thank you to your loved ones—the Cover Expressions way!

Choose an Occasion
What are you celebrating? What has happened during the last couple of years that you’d like to commemorate? Choose from a variety of templates.

Find the Perfect Photos or Artwork
Find a photo from the year’s greatest adventure—big or small.Look for a photo of a significant moment or of a person that shaped your year.What will you want to pass down for generations to come?

Art is personal and can be the best expression of your love. Choose a project with bright colors or thoughtful design to illustrate your passion.

You may choose a predesigned template and use clipart and fonts to design your cover.

Personalize or Design It

Drag and drop elements into the editor. Resize, rotate, or adjust the layer order as you design the best display.

Publish It
Once your project is complete, save your project, and proceed through the order process. Be proud of what you’ve created!

Gift It
Wrap the Bible and write a note of thanks to go with it, or simply keep it as a memento for your family.

Start designing your custom Bible cover!